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Handling customer requests are often a great task for companies. We make it easy and efficient.

Customer experience

Problem Solving

The focus to solve (complex) customer experience problems is an important first step, which involves understanding what the underlying issues really are - not only the symptoms. We support Organizations to assess various situations and calmly identify solutions, through creative thinking, research, and structured knowledge.


Relationship Management

A well-structured strategy that builds great relationships with clients achieves a lot for all parties. Customers who feel that a company is responsive to their needs are most likely to continue to use that company's products and services. We try to consult clients and manage all the customer actions in design.


Relational Intelligence

We try to follow "Jeremie Kubicek' s" five-gear method, we go through them during our workday: fifth gear: focus mode, fourth gear: task mode, third gear: social mode, second gear: connect mode, first gear: recharge. Shifting at the right time between these gears helps to be able to appropriately handle interactions with clients as well as team members.



We try our best to able to read and react to customer's feelings, motivations, needs, and behaviors, as well as to relate to their pain points. We believe that Empathy should be at the heart of every customer success organization and an important aspect of the Org culture.


Excellent Communication

Last but not least, the best communication is all about attitude. For someone senior, we understand the maturity and will stay out of the weeds. For someone with a more-detailed role, such as in tech or product, we try to avoid high-level generalities.


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